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ROACH Video Production Services — An Overview


Need video? We’re on it. Our seasoned, full-service video production team will guide you through the process and customize your project to fit your needs, message, audience, and budget. 
We handle it all – from concepting, scripting, shooting, and all other details like composing interview questions, conducting interviews, scouting locations, casting, directing, assembling visual assets, music tracks, editing, visual effects, and budget management.
We help Fortune 100 companies use video to communicate with their consumers, employees, and distribution networks across the country and continents. 
OK, maybe not Antarctica.
Our clients understand that any communication that affects their brands and employees must have production values that reflect the value of those assets.  
We help forge better connections with retailers and consumers in increasingly diverse communication channels. We tell great stories with visually arresting imagery that appeals to the heart and the mind. 
We help increase market share, improve employee knowledge and commitment, raise money, recruit volunteers, and inform voters. 
Our work turns heads at conventions, sales meetings, and trade shows – and we can help plan those events, too. 

All of what we do is informed by what we have done, from award-winning feature films to television series to work for the biggest brands in the world.
Our video production services span many categories, including:

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525 Junction Road, Suite 6500
Madison, WI 53717
  • Full-Service Video Production for Corporations & Nonprofits
  • ROACH Instagram Video Production for Corporations
  • Roach Vimeo Documentary Video Production Company
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